12 thoughts on “How We Made $550 from Bank Bonuses”

  1. I recently opened an account with Tangerine (Canada) and so far I am $450 ahead! Plus I get 2.75% on the savings account:)
    I don’t think I would open other accounts at other banks otherwise I may start getting overwhelmed like I did when I tried to travel hack.

    1. That’s amazing! As well as that savings rate. I do worry about getting overwhelmed–we missed some travel hacking bonuses because of that so I agree it’s good to be careful!

  2. Glad you had a good experience doing bank bonuses. I’ve been planning an in-depth post to explain the whole bank bonus thing. If you have some liquid cash and need to get a return on it, bank bonuses are the way to go. It’s some work, but it’s not as much work as you’d think.

    This year, I’ve made over $2,500 doing bank bonuses, which is definitely a significant, risk-free return on my emergency fund cash. And once you get into this world, it’s addictive!

    1. I am obviously a baby-bank-bonus hacker compared to yourself, but, goals! $2,500 is awesome! And it really wasn’t that hard, either. My time return was way-high (it took maybe 3 hours to set everything up and get it all sorted out?). I’ll be on the lookout for your post and make sure to link it when it’s up. 🙂

  3. i think we got 400 total this year from credit card bonuses, but obviously that’s different from bank bonuses. i can’t remember what ally gave us for checking and savings a couple of years ago, maybe it was nothing but a high interest rate. our local banks are all terrible, basically, so it’s hard for us to get that free money. we’re not very enthusiastic hackers.

    happy thanksgiving, L.

    1. We weren’t enthusiastic hackers in NH, either, because we had good local banks that didn’t really offer bonuses. We do get a lot in credit card bonuses–over $1000 a year–mainly because Mr. ThreeYear charges his travel to our CC and gets reimbursed. Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!!

  4. Perfect timing, as usual! We’ve just been talking about the $500 Chase flyers we get about once a month and how we need to actually act on the next one we come across. I’ll be checking out your last link, instead! Thanks, Laurie!!

    1. Ha! So glad! I was always a little nervous, too (“too good to be true?”) but now that I’ve tested this one I can say with confidence it’s worth the little bit of time it takes!

  5. Hey Laurie,

    Great job with the huge bonuses.
    I routinely negotiate higher interest rates with my online bank. I also refer friends for the $50 every now and then when it comes up organically in conversation. You really have to love free money getting sent over!

    Take care,

  6. Not to be “that guy”, but just to point out something, it’s “piqued”. Sorry! Anyway, yeah, this is a great thing and I’ve had a pretty good go at it. You’re spot on, planning and tracking is absolutely key. I find it to be decent if you figure out the annualized return and compare it elsewhere; pretty much nothing can compete with bonuses in this environment. Good luck out there! Glad you’re having luck with it

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