50 Ways to Become More Frugal

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I was not born into a frugal family, and frugality has never come naturally to me. Over the years, I have developed more frugal habits, very slowly. But if you’re not naturally frugal, then frugality, spending less, being careful with your money, or whatever you’d like to call it, IS a habit that you can acquire.

Why is frugality so important? There are many who argue that you should keep your main focus on earning more money, because there’s only so much budget you can cut, but an unlimited amount of income you can create. True, but, the truth is, most of us waste an incredible amount of money, and focusing on becoming a little bit more frugal doesn’t just help us save $1, it helps us save anย after tax dollar. Meaning, if your tax rate is 25%, when you save $1, you’re really saving $1.25.

Once you’ve adopted a frugal habit, it will stay with you for years. Get in the habit of cleaning your own house? That’s $150-$200 per month that you’ll pocket for years. You don’t have to keep hustling to make more dollars–once you’ve adopted the habit, you can keep at it ad infinitum.

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In today’s post, I made a list of 50 specific ways you can develop frugal habits. Of course, you won’t be able to adopt all of these habits at once, but if you’re able to pick 3-4 and get really good at them over the next year, then you’ll carry those savings with you for life. And if you spend the next year picking up a few more habits, and then the next, well, you get the idea. In a decade, you’ll have adopted 40 frugal habits that will undoubtedly add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars of savings per year.

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Each suggestion below has a link to a blogger or article that shares ways that individual has developed a new frugal habit. That way, you can get expert advice and hopefully avoid any pitfalls as you begin to flex your frugality muscles.

*If you are a blogger and have a great post on a specific frugal tip you’ve adopted, let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to this list!

So here we go! 50 ways to become more frugal, by category:


Make a grocery list. -Kiwi and Keeweenaw

Start a weekly meal prep. -PF Geeks

Cook more (with recipes). -PF Geeks

Keep your buying and eating simple and repetitive. -The Frugal Gene

Shop at Aldi (or another low-cost grocer).-Saving the Crumbs

Don’t eat out (as much or at all).-Mr. Tako Escapes

Buy (and drink) less alcohol. -The Balance Every Day

Buy (and drink) more water, less soda. -Financially Alert

Eat smaller portions of meat (or none at all). -Frugal Family Home

Roast your own coffee beans. -MSO Life

Aim to spend $1/person/meal. -Simply Fi Life

Go on a one-week per month restaurant fast. -City for Millennials

Shop Vegan. -His and Her Fi


Buy the cheapest unleaded gasoline.-The Simple Dollar

Buy fuel efficient cars (like a Prius). -Frugal Fringe

Buy used cars. -The Frugalwoods

Become a one-car household. -NZ Muse

Ride your bike more.-Smile and Conquer

Walk to work. -Making Momentum

Walk everywhere. -City Frugal


Buy less cheap clothing. -Joney Talks

Buy fewer, better pairs of shoes. -Thrifty Fun

Implement a clothing ban. -Tread Lightly, Retire Early

Use multiple coupons when buying clothing. -ESI Money

Create your own uniform. -Tuppenny’s Fireplace

Join a Buy Nothing Group for clothing. -Oscoey

Goods and Services

Use browser extensions when you buy online. -The Rich Miser

Cut your own hair. -Frugalwoods

Cancel your magazine subscriptions.-The Debtist

Switch out disposable products for reusable. -Merry for Money


Reduce the amount you use your dryer. -My Money Spot

Turn the thermostat down. -Our Next Life

Install solar panels. -The Frugalwoods

Drastically cut your electricity bill. -Mr. Money Mustache


Cut your own lawn.-CNBC

Clean your own house.-Living on the Cheap

Don’t pay for an alarm system.-Len Penzo

Cut your cable. -Good Life Better

Repair your house with free finds. -Freddy Smidlap.

Decorate frugally. -Cozy Little House


Give practical gifts. -Six Figures Under

Give homemade gifts.-Get Rich Slowly

Celebrate frugally. -She Picks Up Pennies

Celebrate Valentine’s frugally. -Chief Mom Officer


Get a month ahead in your budget. -Six Figures Under

Get your books for free. -Birds of a Fire

Buy a Diva cup. -Frugal Farm Wife

Cut expenses across the board. -Money with a Purpose

Cultivate a frugal mindset. -Money Saved Money Earned

Add up how much frugal changes could save you yearly. -The Frugal Gene

And If You Wanna Go a Little Crazy with the Frugality…

Take cold showers. -Tuppenny’s Fireplace

There you have it! A plethora of frugal posts to help you adopt a few new frugal habits in the coming year.

What’s your favorite frugal habit? I’d love to hear in the comments!ย 

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