Location Independence


One of the reasons our family worked hard to become location independent was to have more time for travel. Here’s how we made a trip to the Atacama desert work for our schedules and our budget.

A Weekend Family

Learn how our family spent a weekend in Montreal for less. 

A view of Montreal weekend in Montreal

The Big News

We’ve reached our goal of being able to live wherever we want. We’ll be close to my family, and have way more flexibility to spend long stretches in Chile near Mr. ThreeYear’s family. Here are all the details of working remotely and our move.

Your Complete Guide

Thinking about engineering a change in your job or living situation? Read our complete guide to location independence to get our top tips for working remotely and traveling more. 

"There are so many rules of thumb for other expenditures: 10% of your income on food, 20% on savings (ha! laughs the personal finance community--we know that number should really be higher!), 10% to charity. But there are no good rules of thumb for travel budgets."
Laurie www.thethreeyearexperiment.com
Laurie Three Year

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