Sell Your House in 2 Weeks or Less

In the past eight years, we’ve sold two houses.

Both times, we got multiple offers within FOUR DAYS.

Here are my best tips for selling your house in 2 weeks or less.

Now, it could be a coincidence or good market timing that we sold our houses so quickly. But, we sold our first house in 2010 in Atlanta, at the height of the real estate market implosion, and we got multiple offers.

Then, we did it again a few months ago when we sold our house in New Hampshire.

When we put both our houses on the market, there was a process we followed to get them ready for sale.

Get Professional Advice

When we decided to sell our New Hampshire house, the first thing we did was reach out to several local realtors.

I made sure they knew we were interviewing realtors, and we’d like to schedule a consultation.

Each realtor came in, walked the house, and told me what they thought needed to be fixed.

One realtor was so specific about everything that needed to be fixed that it almost paralyzed me into inaction. Another realtor told me everything was fine.

The best realtor told me the major issues to fix and paint, gave me cost-effective ways to fix issues, and told me what we could skip on the repair list.

Each realtor also provided a market comparison report, and the price they’d recommend listing the home. More on that in a minute.

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