The Three Year Experiment

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In July, I turned 37. That felt older than 36. A lot, lot older.  For some reason, probably related to the fact that human beings have an innate sense, even as newborns, of the number 3, this made 40 feel really close. 40 feels old. I remember when my parents had their 40th birthdays like it was yesterday, and friends brought black balloons and tubes of BenGay over as gifts. I mean, look at the birthday gifts you get at 40! (I’m joking. I’m sure 40 will be very nice. I’m just particularly relishing the three years before I have to put a “4” on front of my age).


40 is old enough, though, that it lead me to some burning questions, “Why haven’t we traveled more? If we don’t do it now, when?” It led to reflection: Our kids are 9 and 6. When I’m 40, they’ll be 12 and 9. Since we’d like to be settled for our oldest to do high school, that leaves a narrow window of time to give them an international experience. So, we have three years to get ready. Hence this blog. This is where I record the steps my family is taking and will take to get to the next chapter in our lives—where we’ll clip the golden handcuffs, where we’ll leave our bedroom community in Northern New England, where we’ll move abroad. It’s the place where I’ll document my imperfect journey as “Consumer Au Extraordinaire” to “Slightly More Restrained In-General Content Person Who Doesn’t Buy Quite as Much Crap.”

This blog will be about:

  1. THE BHAG: This is the big one. Against all of my predictions, we’re going to attempt to double our net worth in under three years.
  2. Developing a work plan. I am halfway through a masters in TESOL so I can teach abroad.
  3. Getting our house ready, minimizing our possessions, and all the other preparations to be done.

What can we do in three years, with a big, hairy goal and some adventurous plans just on the horizon? I’ve always been a fan of continuous, gradual improvements, and how much they can change your life in three years. Will that be enough?

Join us to find out.

Author: Laurie

Hi. I'm Laurie, and my family and I have set out to double our net worth and move abroad in the next three years. Join us on our journey!

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